Bridget "Bree" Grim, LMP

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Massage Therapy   


Bridget "Bree" Grim, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Birth Doula

In Celtic mythology, the goddess Brigid was known as the goddess of healing and fertility and was believed to watch over women during childbirth. People would pray to her during times of illness or pain, asking her to bless them with her healing touch. During labor, women would pray for her to ease the pain of childbirth and to bring them healthy, strong children. By embracing my namesake, it is my hope that I can pass on this strength through my hands and heart in order to help my clients heal from injury and trauma, and to help women make the transition to motherhood with confidence and courage.


Originally inspired by my desire to help empower women to have positive experiences in pregnancy and childbirth, my training and experience as a birth doula drove me to delve deeper into the healing power of touch with massage therapy.

I graduated from Port Townsend School of Massage in 2011 and hold certifications in orthopedic (injury treatment), prenatal and postpartum massage.  My massage education has included significant training in Clinical Treatment, Myofascial Release and Manual Lymphatic Drainage modalities as well as the use of strain-counterstrain and Muscle Energy Techniques. A strong focus of my massage practice has been on working with clients needing treatment of chronic pain issues as well as recovery from motor vehicle accidents and injury rehabilitation.